FreePBX must have access to the Internet (at least to and to your Bitrix24 portal).
Check the network settings of freePBX (Static address, gateway). Admin-System admin-Network setting
If FreePBX is installed on the local network behind the router (usually it is) :
  • On the Internet router, you must have an external static IP (order from the provider)
  • Forward ports on the router for external access to FreePBX. For example, when accessing from the Internet to an external port 8090 of the router, packets are forwarded to the internal IP address of FreePBX port 80
  • It would be nice to configure DNS mapping of IP address and domain name (for example
If a Bitrix24 box is used and is in the same local network with FreePBX, in addition to the above, you must do:
  • On the Internet router, forward ports for external access to Bitrix24. For example, when accessing the external port 8091 of the router from the Internet, the packets are forwarded to the internal IP address of Bitrix24 port 80
  • On the router, enable the HairPin function or otherwise provide the ability to communicate from the local network to the external interface
  • Log in to Bitrix24 with administrator rights.
  • Install the Calltrix application (use the search to find Calltrix)
  • All Bitrix24 users who will work with the PBX must have an internal phone number specified in the user settings
  • The user’s internal phone number in Bitrix 24 must match the user’s internal number in freePBX
First, we need to install IonCube module. It`s easy.
Login via ssh with root privileges to the computer where FreePBX is installed and enter 3 commands:
cd /tmp
bash ic.bash

Great. The next step:
FreePBX-Admin-Module admin

Enter address:
then Download

Next, at the bottom of the page press Process button, then Confirm and after the installation is complete, do not forget to click on the red Apply button
  • Log in to the Bitrix24 portal with administrator rights
  • Open the FreePBX interface in a new tab, then Applications-Calltrix
  • Enter the address of Bitrix24 portal: (https) address ( port (empty)
  • FreePBX url: (http) address ( port (8090 in our example)
  • Next, click the Login button, a form with a six-digit code will be displayed in a new window, enter it in the Secret code field and click the Go button
If authorization is successful, you will see:
After successful authorization, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
Next step, in Bitrix24:
  • Telephony – Configure telephony – Default number for outgoing calls – Application Calltrix
  • CRM forms – Callback – Edit – More – Select the number to call back to – Application Calltrix
Now you can configure other functions as you like. Each item has a description that is available when you hover over a question mark.
After completing the settings on the Calltrix page, you need to change the incoming route.
Submit-Apply. That’s all


Don`t forget to setup No answer / Busy / Not reachable for subscrubers. Applications-Extension-Edit-Advanced.
If Calltrix redirects an incoming call to a responsible subscriber, but for example he is not available, then the conversation will not take place.